4th of July (Independence Day) for Kids and teachers

Constitution of the United States of America

The Star Spangled Banner
Everything you want to know about The Star Spangled Banner. Lots of good links.


USA Flag
Black outline flag of USA to color.

Proud to be an American
Coloring activity.

American Flag Printables
Coloring activity plus many coloured pictures of USA flag

A Patriotic Book by teachervision
Print out this page. Pdf format.


Suncatchers - US Flag
Beadwork of USA flag


Bias Against Arab and Muslim Americans.
How to challenge it in your classroom. Good site.

An American Tragedy
Lots of activities, lessons and too. Good site.

Constitution Day
Activities, lesson plans, and information


Flag Day Ideas from childfun
Sing some songs and lots of other activities.

Star Spangled Banner
Lyrics and midi of the Star Spangled Banner and brief history

Patriotic MIDI Music

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