Kid Safety on the Internet
Teaches kids about all kinds of safety in a slide show format - Internet safety, Fire safety, drugs and more. Parent should share this with their children.

Learn Phonics through songs
Teach your children how to read using these easy phonic songs.

Beginning To Read
Preschool through Grade 2 Activities for you to share with your children to teach them to read

Beginning To Read
Helping Your Child Learn To Read with activities for children from infancy through age 10

Encouraging the Young Reader
Grades Three through Six Activities to share with your children

Early Years
Birth to Preschool activities

Alternatives to Standardized Tests
The complexity of their child cannot be captured by a test score.

Children's Literature
Look for books, authors and lesson plans here

The Whole Child by PBS
Learn more about making the most out of your child's early years, and being the best caregiver you can.

Parent Center Activity Planner
Find suitable games and activities to play with your child according to age group.


These are some of the books that I read to my daughter every night before she goes to bed. She just loves these stories. They are great for ages 2 to 6. I like to read books that have repetitive phrases. It encourages my daughter to retell the story. I will add in more when I have the time.

This is a recent book that I bought for my daughter "The little red hen makes a pizza". It is almost similar to "The Little Red Hen". However, this one has a better ending. She also gets to learn names of many ingredients required in making the pizza.



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