Animal Awareness
Students use reference materials to research an animal that lives in a tropical rain forest area. They decorate a folder to contain all their research notes and finished materials. Finished materials can consist of stories, poems, cartoons, T-shirt or button designs, bumper sticker or personalized license plate designs.

The Rain Forest Curriculum materials (Rainbird)
Curriculum materials are divided into grade level segments. Within the segments for grades K-5, there are four components of curriculum materials. Good site. Lots of materials for teachers.

Classroom Activities for Younger Students
Ideas and activities for younger kids

Several lesson plans on rainforest are found here

An internet based lesson

Passport to Knowledge
3 sample lesson plans

Amazon Rainforest
A 10 day lesson plan for 1st Grade

Rain Bird Rain Forest Curriculum web site
Lesson plans for different grade levels. Printable activities. Excellent resource for teachers. 5/5

An internet based lesson.

Get a copy of the Rainforest A Teacher's Guide Resource

Rain Forest Unit
Lesson plans for First Grade.

Bagheera In the Wild
Classroom activities and facts.

Teacher CyberGuide The Great Kapok Tree
Internet based lesson and lesson plan for 3rd Graders. Good activity

The Fate of the Rainforests
Internet based lesson for upper elementary. Webquest.

Under the Umbrella of the Tropical Rainforest
Internet based lesson for upper elementary. A Web Quest for the Future of Our Environment. Classroom activity.

Exploring the Rain Forest Through Print, Graphics, and Sound
Lesson Plan for 4th Grade : A Thematic Unit by Kyle Yamnitz

Kori Clot - The Amazon
Across the Curriculum Lesson Plan for 4th Graders.

Rainforest Program
Rainforests Classroom Activities

Cyber Rainforest
Science-mathematics project which will allow younger students to explore tropical rainforests from their school computer lab. This unit is interdisciplinary; involving reading, language arts, social studies, art, music and technology.

Amazon Rainforest
Lesson plan unit for Lower Elementary.

Economics Lesson: The Rain Forest
Lesson plan unit for Grade 3.

The Rainforest
Lesson plan unit for Intermediate grades. Learn about the location, people, animals, and plants that are so valuable.

The Interactive Rain Forest
Thematic lessons for the Intermediate level.

Rain Forests and Planet Ecology
Lesson plans for Grades 3-5. Through the use of literature and related activities, students will expand their knowledge of rain forests and planet ecology.

The Greatest Rainforest Activities, Ever
Lesson plan. Students will compare different levels of the rainforest. Examine the different animals and plants that live within the rainforest and also recognize the vocabulary correlating to the rainforests. Students will also be able to participate in a plan to save the rainforests.

Tropical Rainforests
Lesson plan. Language Arts. Middle School.

African Rain Forests
Lesson plan for early elementary.

Rain Forest Rally by Wnet
Lesson plan for grades 5-8. In this lesson, students discover facts about rain forests and learn to appreciate their importance in our lives.

Rain Forest Reporters by Wnet
Lesson plan for grades 5-8. This is an ideal team-teaching lesson for science and English teachers. Students work as magazine reporters to produce a print or multimedia magazine about rain forests.

Going, Going, Gone: Endangered Animals of the Rain Forest by Marsha Boymel
Lesson plan for grade 3.

Rainforest Endangered Species Project. Prepared by: Linda Whitmore
Students will utilize the internet to research a rainforest endangered species animal. They will prepare a formal research paper, a three dimensional model of their animal and an oral presentation which may include a hyperstudio presentation or be videotaped.

Rainforest Species
Grade Level: Intermediate

Return to the Amazon Rainforest
Read about the rainforest and Learning Activities

Hide and Seek in the Rainforest
A WebQuest for Grades 2-3. Designed by Colleen Muldoon

The Endangered Rainforest
This unit is designed for a group of second and third grade gifted students using areas of multiple intelligence's to research endangered animals and their habitat in the rain forest.

Animal of the Tropical Rainforests
Your group will be scientists from the Indianapolis Zoo and go to one of the large rainforests in South America, Africa, or Southeast Asia. Pick 5 birds, mammals, amphibians, or insects to learn more about.

The Amazon Art Activity Lesson Plan for 4th Grade
Objectives: The student will... recall information from a story, which is read aloud. label various objects in the "classroom Amazon." identify nouns.

The Magic School Bus: Explores The Rainforest
Grade level : 1st. This lesson requires the use of the above software - using technology to teach about the rainforest. A two day, one hour each lesson. Students will become aware of the rainforest and itís habitat by exploring the Magic School Bus CD ROM. They will learn about the creatures of the rainforest and various layers of the rainforest. Students will then break up into small groups and cooperatively work together on drawing their favorite animal that lives in the rainforest. After they draw their animal, they will write a short description of that animal.

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