Early Childhood Books for Teachers

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An entire year of daily plans with circle time activities, music and movement activities, suggested books, and learning center ideas. Organized around units that are two weeks long. Includes an extremely useful appendix packed with words to songs, directions to favorite games, recipes, directions for making props, and lots more.
Creative Resources for the Early Childhood Classroom
Judy Herr Yvonne Libby-Larson
A reviewer, December 6, 1999, wrote : Greatest Book. I have several classroom materials for my preschool. This has got to be the best book. It covers everyting from Parent newsletter to the final activity for the subjects given. Perfect!
A Guide for Supervisors and Trainers on Implementing the Creative Curriculum for Early Childhood
Diane Trister Dodge Marylyn Goldhammer
This book is great for training staff.
Big Fun Craft Book: Creative Fun for 2- to 6-Year-Olds
Judy Press Loretta Trezzo Braren
Cathy S, a daycare provider., May 19, 1999, Terrific book for anyone working with small children!! This book has lots of great ideas for small children that do not use exotic items. Most everything is around the house stuff.
365 Days of Creative Play: For Children 2 Yrs. & Up
Sheila Ellison Judith Anne Gray
From Samita Arora - Children's Literature This is a great resource for teachers. It includes safety tips and a list of materials and supplies for activities. The illustrations are simplistic and enjoyable. The ideas are numbered sequentially from 1 to 365 and are simple and fun. Adults and children can enjoy many hours of creative activities. The activities consist of 13 categories: art, construction, craft, dance, education, environment, family foods and cooking, games, horticulture, make-believe, music, and nature.
The Giant Encyclopedia of Science Activities for Children 3 to 6: More than 600 Science Activities Written by Teachers for Teachers
Kathy Charner (Editor)
From Joyce Rice - Children's Literature There are thirty or more units included in this book, with games, recipes, finger plays, poems and suggested titles to augment the unit. The activities all contain an indication of age appropriateness. In the unit on insects, children are given the opportunity to observe insects, read about insects, draw insects and undertake craft projects relating to insects. The unit on oceans lets children create an ocean in a bottle, feel seaweed and study the hatching habits of the sea turtle. Teachers of 3 to 6-year-olds will not relinquish their copy, so media centers had better have more than one. This is an excellent resource for childcare providers and home schooling parents.

Thomas Moore Cheryl K. Noll (Illustrator) With Pam Schiller
500 Activities to use with songs you already know. I really like this book. Useful for teachers who like to use songs to teach...lots of extended activities.

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