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The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions: More than 65 Wacky, Wild and Crazy Concoctions
John E. Thomas Danita Pagel
A reviewer, November 30, 1998, A Parents' Dream Come True! If you like Thomas and Pagel's wacky kids' crafts on TV, then you'll love 'The Ultimate Book Of Kid Concoctions'. This collection of over 65 innovative projects will educate and entertain the kids while they learn to make 'knock-offs' of popular toy store items. Parents' will enjoy the book because most projects require zero artistic ability and nothing more than common household items. With out a doubt 'The Ultimate Book Of Kid Concoctions' sets a new standard for children's craft and activity books. I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes a classic.
Science Crafts for Kids: 50 Fantastic Things to Invent and Create
Gwen Diehn Terry Krautwurst
From John R. Staver - Science Books & Films - The book is laid out quite well, with lots of excellent color photographsand easy-to-read and -follow directions. This book offers an excellent opportunity for youngsters to do independent work and is a resource for teachers, parents, and children to explore the natural world together through the activity that is science. I recommend it very highly.
The Kids' Multicultural Art Book: Art & Craft Experiences from Around the World
Alexandra M. Terzian Trezzo-Braren Studio (Illustrator)
From Marilyn Courtot - Children's Literature - Learn by doing-a delightful introduction to other cultures through interesting, fun projects. Creations can be for display or use. Maps and text provide geographic information and background about the project. The materials are readily available and the instructions easy to follow. Great for teachers and rainy days at home, the crafts are geared for kids in elementary school.
Pop-O-Mania: How to Create Your Own Pop-UPs
Barbara Valenta
From Kristin Harris - Children's Literature All kids love pop-up books. Now they can make their own. Paper engineering can look simple and elegant, but can be very complicated to execute. This introduction is perfect for kids- it's bright, colorful, and fun, but realistic in terms of what can easily be accomplished. Besides numerous instructions and samples, specific projects such as holiday and birthday cards and nametags are included. This book is a must for adults who like to work with kids and paper, and of course any kid who likes to make things.
The Colossal Book of Crafts for Kids and Their Families
Phyllis Fiarotta Noel Fiarotta
From Marilyn Courtot - Children's Literature This is the mother lode of craft books. It is the republication of two earlier books released in the 70s and now combined into one large volume. Kids can follow the instructions, all the steps are laid out and they are mapped to the illustrations, but the book will probably be more of a resource for nursery and elementary school teachers, scout leaders, and the like. For each project, there is an introduction, list of things you need (most are available at home or in a craft store), and then the steps. On the facing page there are black and white illustrations. A few activities, such as the puppet theater and the plays, span several pages. The 247 crafts are organized under general subject headings
Crafts for Kids Who Are Wild about the Wild
Kathy Ross Sharon Lane Holm (Illustrator)
CUSTOMER REVIEWS - An Open Forum Number of Reviews: 1 Average Rating: A reviewer (, an elementary school teacher, March 7, 1999, Wild about The Wild is an awesome book!!!!!!!! As a beginning teacher I found this book to be a fun and informative way to teach students about wild animals.The easy step by step instructions make it ideal for children.I highly recommend it for anyone with children.The projects are really great and children really enjoy them!!
Music Crafts for Kids: The how-to Book of Music Discovery
Noel Fiarotta With Phyllis Fiarotta
From School Library Journal Gr 3-6-Teachers, day-care providers, and scout leaders will find a wealth of material in this ambitious volume. Using a folksy approach with the personified notes of the scale (do, re, mi, etc.) as guides, the Fiarottas present bits of music theory, history, and appreciation as well as a variety of crafts. The projects include simple instruments as well as creative, thematic tie-ins. Suggested activities vary from listening to the sounds of nature and making wind chimes, to making clay whistles and bagpipes, to composing songs and writing them on sheet music, to dance and other forms of entertainment. All use readily available materials and have step-by-step instructions, clearly stating when adult assistance is needed.

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