The Cat In The Hat






















This book is about two little kids who are bored in their house all alone.  Then the cat in the comes over and try to help them have fun, but just makes a mess.  Then when their mother comes home he helps them clean it all up in his own way.








                                      Author:   Dr. Seuss

                                 Illustrator:  Dr. Seuss

                                         ISBN: 0-394-90001-4



     Open Ended

--- Conversation Questions---


(1)            Share with me what this book was about.

(Answer) Two kids and the cat in the hat.

(Follow Up)  Do you have any pets?


(2)             How would you have acted if the cat in the hat came to your house?

(Answer)  Any logical answer.

(Follow Up)  Has anyone ever come to your house and messed it up?


(3)            Suppose you were the little boy or girl, would you have let the cat in the hat in?

(Answer)  Any logical answer.

(Follow Up)  Have you ever had a stranger come to your door? 


(4)            Describe to me how their mother would act if knew the truth.

(Answer)  Any logical answer.

(Follow Up)  Share with me your reaction.


(5)      Tell me what ‘playthings’ are.

(Answer)  Toys, things you play with.

(Follow Up)  Share with me some of your favorite toys.


(6)      Tell me the name of the little girl in the story.

(Answer)  Sally

(Follow Up) Share with me your full name.


(7)      On page 5, what noise did they hear?

(Answer)  A bump.

(Follow Up)  Have you ever heard a bump?  If so describe it to me.


(8)      Can you tell me who came in the door on page7?

            (Answer) The Cat In The Hat

(Follow Up)  Has a cat ever come to your door?  Tell me what you did.


(9)      On page 11, what did the fish say?

            (Answer) “No!, No!”

            (Follow Up)  Do you have fish?  If so what kinds of fish do you have?


(10)    Tell me who cleaned the house.

(Answer)  The cat in the hat.

            (Follow Up) Share with me who cleans your house.










1.     Come up with a new machine that will help you clean your room.  Draw to and describe what it its and what it will be able to do.


2.     List and draw some other things the cat in the hat could balance.


3.     Write a different ending to the story.  What if they didn’t get the house clean? Write how their mom would have reacted.


4.     Write about a time you got into trouble for having a messy room.







1.     Bring in a stuffed cat and hat.  Ask them if they could possible know what story they will be about reading today.  Say, “Let’s look and find out.”


2.     Show pictures from the book.  Ask them to predict what will happen. Say, “Let’s read and see if your right.”


3.    Bring in a small red box with pictures of thing one and thing two in it.  Ask them if they know what story has those characters in it.  Say, “Let’s read and find out.”