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Literature-Based Lesson Plans and Resources
Using Dr Seuss's Books



Seussville : My Many colored days
Lots of activities, games, story and things to do
My many colored days - Technology integrated lesson plans
Level: Preschool/Kindergarten. Requires software : How Many Bugs In a Box?
My many colored days by Katy Smith
Review and ideas
My many colored days
Grade Level(s): Toddler through 6th Grade Subject(s): Younger: Reading, Music, Art, Math, Science Older: Reading, Writing, Music, Science

The Sneetches by Maureen Sullivan for 1st Grade
The student will read six phonograms and as a class verbally define each using the print and illustrations in the text, The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss.
Sneetches : Which one is different ?
Printable activity in pdf format
Sneetches : Which two are the same ?
Printable activity in pdf format
Wet Foot and Dry Foot
Printable activity in pdf format

Ecology with Dr Seuss
Lesson plan for grade levels 3-6. Based on The Lorax by Dr. Seuss, this product contains thirteen writing activities which range from pure language arts poetry and creative writing to persuasive essays on environmental dilemmas.

Teacher CyberGuide : The Lorax by Barbara Edwards and Amy Heckman
This supplemental unit provides Internet resources for first grade students to learn about the environment and recycling.

The Lorax saves the tree game
Requires shockwave to play

Fox in Socks - Phonograms for Decoding
2nd-4th Grade. The students will recognize phonograms in a variety of different words. The students will use phonograms to create new words.