Green Eggs and Ham 

























††††††††††††† Sam wants his friend to try a new food.The food is Green†††††††††††

†††††††††††† Eggs and Ham.The friend will not try them.Sam will try to††††

††††††††††† get his friend to try them in all sorts of strange places.







††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Author:†† Dr. Seuss

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Illustrator:Dr.Seuss

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ISBN:††† 0-394-80016-8





Open Ended

--- Conversation Questions---


(1)            Describe what this book was about.

(Answer)Any logical answer.

(Follow Up)Would you try Green Eggs and Ham?


(2)            If you were Sam could you think of another place his friend could try Green Eggs and Ham?

(Answer)Any logical answer.

(Follow Up)Why do you think the food was green?


(3)            Imagine you are Samís friend.Why wouldnít you try Green Eggs and Ham?

(Answer)Any logical answer.

(Follow Up)Name a food that you do not like.


(4)            Show me your favorite page in the book.Why is that your favorite?

(Answer)Any logical answer.

(Follow Up)†† Tell me what your favorite place in the book?


(5)            Define ďboxĒ.

(Answer)†† A place to store things.

(Follow Up)Tell me something you keep in a box.


(6)            Do you remember what the characterís name in the book was?


(Follow Up)Do you know anyone named Sam?


(7)            Tell me what Sam wanted his friend to try.

(Answer)Green eggs and ham.

(Follow Up)Why do you think that it was so important to him?


(8)†††† Name one of the vehicles in the book.

††††††††† (Answer)Train, car, boat.

††††††††† (Follow Up)Which vehicle is your favorite?


(9)†††† Name what the train landed on in the water.

††††††††† (Answer)A boat.

††††††††† (Follow Up)Did the boat sink?What makes you think so?


(10)†† Did Samís friend finally try the Green Eggs and Ham?

(Answer) Yes

(Follow Up) How did he feel about them?




1.      Draw a picture of Green Eggs and Ham.Label each item.


2.      Write a recipe for Green Eggs and ham.Be sure to include what makes them green.


3.      Write a different ending to the story, where Samís friend wouldnít try the Green Eggs and Ham.


4.      Make a list of the foods you like and the foods you donít like.








1.    Show the children a picture of Green Eggs and Ham.Ask them what they might be.Would they like to eat them?In todayís story we will read about a guy named Sam.He has a strange request.Letís read and see what it is!


2.    Show the children some pictures of food.Ask them to pick out their favorite.Now ask them to show you the foods that they donít like.Todayís story is about Sam-I-Am and how he tries to get someone to try a food that they do not like.Letís read and find out what happens!


3.    Ask the children if they have ever eaten something they thought they did not like, and realized that they do like it.In todayís story we will read about a character that does just that.Letís read and find out what happens!