The Mixed-Up Chameleon (by Eric Carle)

Literature-based resource

A Truly Bizarre Lizard
Facts on Chameleons

Care of True Chameleons
Frequently Asked Questions

Janice VanCleave Fun Fact
Chameleons do not change colors to match their background. Find out more here.

Chameleon stuff
Interested in buying some chameleon stuff ?

Mini-Internet Treasure Hunt
An internet-based activity

The Big Mixed Up Chameleon Treasure Hunt
An internet-based activity

The Three W's Treasure Hunt
An internet-based activity

Chameleon Stories
Click on the names of children and it will take you to the stories with illustrations.

Chameleons by - Amber Shelkett
Students will be able to describe how a chameleon survives in it's environment. Bloom's- Analysis. For Grade Level -3rd.

Eric-Carle's Website
ideas for using The Mixed-Up Chameleon in the classroom.

The way I am
Recognize self as unique and become aware of the uniqueness of others

The Mixed Up Chameleon
Picture of a mix-up chameleon art project.

Color for Camouflage
Lesson plan for Grade 2.

Changing pace with Chameleons for Grades 2-3
The students will learn about Chameleons and other animals by reading The Mixed-Up Chameleon.

The mixed-up Chameleon by KYReads
Lesson plan and activities.

The mixed-up Chameleon Challenge Words by KYReads


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