ThinkWave Educator
This is a fully-functional internet-enabled grade book which helps you to organise classroom records, detailed student and parent records, manage assignments, track attendance, custom categories, generate reports and more. Best of all, it is free. 5/5
The Amazing Picture Machine
Like a search engine but only searches for pictures. Useful for teachers who are searching for pictures for projects. 5/5
LD Online for Teachers
Guides, articles, tips about Learning Disablities
eDscape Online Courses for Teachers
Free online courses. The courses provide instruction and suggestions about integrating technology and education.
Report Maker Homepage
Report Maker allows teachers to create pupil reports and Record of Achievements (ROA). The reports are generated from a 'database' of statements, which can be customised to suit the individual teacher. Report Maker enables reports to be generated very quickly and easily. Used in conjunction with your usual word processor Report Maker can produce very professional looking, and sounding reports.
Grade Keeper
Gradekeeper works like your paper gradebook. You enter your students, assignments, and scores and Gradekeeper does the rest. Your grades are updated instantly. And you can easily keep students and parents informed using Gradekeeper's reports.
create puzzles and games for your newsletters, flyers, handouts, or classroom assignments.
Mathematics Worksheet Factory
Math worksheet maker. You can either purchase the full version or download the lite version for free. 5/5
The M-tech Worksheet Generator
If you need a worksheet fast you've come to the right place.
My Coloring Book
Mr. Coloring Book utilizes state-of-art imaging technology that converts Color or B/W images into B/W coloring book outlines. Coloring book pages can be titled, formatted and printed. Try it for a month free.
Create your own class pages with flashcards, quizzes and more activities here. A must see.
Report Designer
If you're tired of spending endless hours typing in student report cards, then the Report Designer is for you.
ePrintable Calendars
Print a calendar online.
Lot of useful free fonts for teachers.
Fonts 4 Teachers
A great site to look for fonts but they are not free. They have fonts for dyslexia, pop-up alphabets and more.