Native Americans
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Native Americans
WWW Third Grade Resources About Native Americans.
Native American Website for Children
Good site. Basic information for kids.
A Guide to the Great Sioux Nation
Native Americans
Links to sites that have good information about native Americans
Native American Tribes
List of many tribes
NativeTech: Native American Technology and Art
Great site to learn about Native American technology and art, beads, clothes, weapons and much more. Description, facts, and illustrations. 5/5
Texas Indians
Facts and activities.
American Indians and Alaska Natives
Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions
Historian: Explorers owed success to Indian women
Meriwether Lewis and William Clark owed the success of their venture in good part to the American Indian, and in particular to two Indian women, historian Stephen Ambrose says.
Native Americans : The untold story
Grattan Massacre, Massacre Rocks incident, Bear River Massacre
We, the first Americans : Alaskans
In pdf. printable format
Woman Spirit By Julia White
Famous Native American women
Great Chiefs and Leaders
Native American Tribes Chiefs
Good site
Chief Joseph
Chief of the Nez Perce Tribe.
Celebrating traditions of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes
Shoshone Indians
Good information
Shoshone Report by kids
Illustrated too.
The Shoshone Sun Dance
An important part of the Shoshone spiritual way as well as the pipe ceremony for a very long time.
Short History of the Northwestern Band of the (So-So-Goi) Shoshoni Nation
Northern Utah Shoshoni History
The Beadedweb
Native American FAQ Page
Origin of the Names of 28 U.S. States
Derived from Native Nations
Native American Tribes
A comprehensive list with short description
Native American Culture
Good site with lots of information
Internet Resources on Native Americans
Links to lots of sites
Native American sites
Lots of links
Retracing the Path of Lewis & Clark
Lewis & Clark Trail
Good site
Idaho's indians Circa 1800
Description on all the Native Indian tribes of Idaho. Good site.
Native American Indian Area
Very interesting site. Lots of good information
Sakajawea (from shoshone tribe)
Information from Microsoft Encarta
Sacagawea (c. 1790-1812 or 1884)
A near-legendary figure in the history of the American West for her indispensible role on the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Sacagawea has become an enigma for historians seeking to trace her later life.
Controversy over the spelling of her name
Nee-Mee-Poo, the people (Nez Perce tribe of Idaho)
This page was developed by three University of Idaho students to inform people about the Nez Perce culture.
Nez Perce Photography
Photo Archive
Nez Perce
Lots of good information.
Black feet Nation Official site
Blackfoot indians by Catholic encyclopedia
THE PAIUTE PEOPLE of the Great Basin Desert
American Indian Tribes and the Endangered Species Act

Native American
This is actually a clipart page but it has several Native Indian music to listen to


Native American Arts and Cultures: Primary
By Teacher Created Materials
No review of this book yet.
First Grade Lesson 1: Children of Indian Folklore
Children listen to legends about Indian children and discuss the important role children played in Indian life. Then discuss how legends about Indian children helped the Indians transmit their values and culture to their children.
Native American Ways
Lesson plan for 3 weeks. For Kindergarten.
Native Americans : Activities for young children
Native Americans for 1st and 2nd Grade
Lesson plan - 3 lessons
Collaborative Thematic Unit
Theme: Native Americans
To introduce children to the culture of a variety of Native American tribes through literature and related activities. Grade Level: Primary
Native Americans Across the Country
Grade Level: Third Grade Inclusion. Length of Unit: Seventeen days.
Introduce students to various Native American cultures that existed across North America long ago. It focuses on the part the homeland environment played in each tribe's existence.
The Earliest Americans
Grade Level: Third Grade. Length of Unit: Thirteen to Fourteen days .
Focuses on the tribes of the Northwest, Southwest, Plains and the Eastern Woodlands. Students will discover the differences between the various cultures and explore the ways of life of specific tribes found in each of these areas.
Discovery: Eastern Woodland Indians and Jamestown Settlement
Grade Level: Third Grade. Length of Unit: Nine days.
Focus on the Native Americans who lived in a Woodland culture east of the Mississippi River during the early 1600's. How Native Americans relied upon the woodland environment for their survival-tools and weapons, housing, clothing, recreation, and food.
Native American Interdisciplinary Educational Unit
An AskERIC Lesson Plan. Grade Level: Appropriate for grades 2-4.
To help children understand that what they see in movies and television is make believe and Hollywood scenarios and not the real life of the Native American.
Native Americans for Third Grade
Length of Unit: 12 Days
The students write a story or legend using Native American Symbols on a buffalo skin cape. The students will learn about how the Europeans took over the land that the Native American tribes lived on and how this changed the lives of the people in the tribes.
American Indian Leather Painting
An AskERIC Lesson Plan for 5th or 6th Grade.
To have the students think about what life was like in an Indian tribe and how they communicated their stories on to their children.
American Indian Leather Painting
An AskERIC Lesson Plan for 5th or 6th Grade.
To have the students think about what life was like in an Indian tribe and how they communicated their stories on to their children.
Print and make a Native American Home
Primary Units : Celebration Pow-Wow
Lesson plan in printable pdf format.
Grade Level: 9-12. Geographic Theme: Location, Place, Human-Environment Interaction Lesson Plan
Westward Expansion and Spatial Awareness Presented by: Robyn Flatt, William
Grade Level: 5th Grade Lesson Plan
Units & Lesson Plans on Natives
Native American Culture A Door to American Heritage
Purpose: This page was designed as a self-paced learning vehicle for students Grade Level(s): Grade 8 Curriculum (reading level grades 5-9) Subject Area(s): World Studies, English, Computer literacy, Technology/Science, and Art. This is designed to be an interdisciplinary unit or a home schooling unit.
Teacher and student resources
Native American Peoples Webquest lesson
Encarta - Sacajawea activity 1
Encarta - Sacajawea activity 2

Texas indians
6 nice pictures to choose, print out and color about Texas Indians.

Indian Dwellings Mix & Match

Indian Tribes Word Search

Native American Tales
A big collection of native american tales. Printable.

Starlore of Native America
Lots of stories about the stars

CUSAGC Guide and Scout Clipart Colection
Nice black outlined cliparts of Native Americans

Draac's Native American Gallery
Good collection of cliparts

Native American Clipart
Includes backgrounds too

Native American Culture and Group Information Sheet
Record tribe names, tools, art, food, landforms, customs, etc... about different Native American culture groups.

Native American Border Sets
Very nice backgrounds for your homepage


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