Explorer's Club : Air
Good site for kids. Comes with illustrations.

Protecting Endangered Species From Pesticides
Good site for kids

Endangered species bulletin Vol. XXIV, No. 1—January/February, 1999
Images of some of our Nation’s environmental disasters are all too easy to recall: blackened beaches, oil soaked birds and marine mammals struggling for life, and chemically poisoned fish littering the shoreline.

EPA : Preserving and protecting clean air
A good site. Facts about air pollution and the effects. Activities for students and ideas for teachers

Air Pollution Fact Sheet
What Is Air Pollution?

EPA.VIC : What is Air Pollution?
Good information

The Effects of Air Pollutants on Wildlife and Implications

Air Pollution Biological Effects
Its effect on vegetation and animals in pictures

Cleaning the Air... What You Can Do

Burning issues : A project of clean air revival
Burning Issues provides public education about the health hazards of exposure to wood smoke.

NRDC : Clean Air & Energy: Air Pollution

AIRNOW Publications
Brochures, fact sheets and other materials about air pollution

Acid rain faq
This section explains what acid rain is, where it comes from, and what it's effects are.

Pollution Keeps Rain up in the Air
A brief article

Your Yard and Clean Air
Pollution Prevention in Your Own Backyard EPA Environmental Fact Sheet. Requires Acrobat Reader to view.

NASA Study shows common plants help reduce indoor air pollution....

slide show format

Virtual Classroom - The Air Pollution Page

ARS - Effects of Ozone Air Pollution on Plants
Good information with pictures


Air Quality Lesson Plans and Data
Lots of lesson plans for different grade levels here Data included

Air Pollution Control lesson plan
Grade level 6th, 7th & 8th grades Purpose To show how air pollution is controlled

Air Pollution Emissions Information, Activities and Data
Lesson plan

Air Pollution Survey by Brianna McMullen
Lesson plan for Grade level: 5th-12th. Objectives The students will be able to: Identify the different sources of air pollution Evaluate knowledge of air pollution concepts in school and community Brainstorm ways of reducing air pollution Instruct school and community in reduction of air pollution

Air Pollution: What Can You Do? by Jennyfer
Lesson plan for Grade Level: Third . This lesson is about air pollution awareness. It will help students to understand what air pollution is and how students can communicate their feelings about it.

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