February is National Children's Dental Health Month! Started as a one-day celebration in 1949.


ADHA - Kids Stuff
Learn about teeth stuff. Simple for kids to understand.

ADHA - Common Questions
Find our answers here

Oral B - The Brush Buddies
Kids will love this site. Learn how to brush teeth the right way and many other activities


What causes tooth decay ?
Grades 2-6

Teeth and Good Health

Oral B Lesson Plans
For ages 5-12

Ask ERIC : What causes tooth decay ? by Melodie Hill
Grade Level/Subject: Health: Grades 2-6

Childfun : Dental Unit
Lesson plan. Lots of ideas.

Awesome Teeth Lesson Ideas

Ask ERIC : Dental Health by Kirsten Merritt for 1st Grade
Objectives: 1. The students will be able to demonstrate how to brush teeth correctly. 2. The students will be able to demonstrate how to floss properly

A Healthy Smile
Objective: Students will distinguish between items that are healthy and not-so-healthy for their teeth as part of Dental Health Month. Science K-3

I Lost My Tooth
An internet project. Students from around the world participate in the "I Lost My Tooth". The project covers, creative writing, graphing, art, social studies.

1998 Lost and Found Internet Tooth Project
An internet project

The Dentist: Mouth Model
Ages/ Levels: K-3. An Adventure in Exploration and Discovery

Tooth Fairy Day
Ages/ Levels: K-3.


ADA Online
Printable coloring activities and other activity worksheets.

San Diego County Dental Disease Prevention
Fun Dental-Related Activities for Students. Printable.

Dental Coloring Pages
Lots of pictures to print out.


The object of Wermz is to guide your worm into the numbers, without hitting any of the walls or yourself! After you eat nine numbers, a new screen appears. Sound easy? It would be if the worm didn't grow after eating each number!

UFO Attack Game
You are under attack! Click on the game to start. Fire by pressing the mouse button and aim your missiles by pointing the crosshairs at the falling UFOs

Lunar Attack Game
Test your skill at landing a small lunar lander. Use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to rotate the lander, and the space bar for thrusters. Make sure to land softly!

After School Treats Game
Let's play a game. Dinner won't be ready for two hours yet, but you're really hungry now. Click on the different kinds of food in our kitchen to see which are the healthy snacks.

Visiting the Dental Hygienist
Check out some of the equipment that your dental hygienists uses, then try to find all the hidden toothbrushes.

The Magic Schoolbus Maze Craze
Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to chomp your way around the maze! Eat healthy foods and avoid sugary snacks. You need shockwave to play this game.

It's a Jungle Out there by Colgate
Another shockwave game. Find the hidden things.

Toothman Game
Save the tooth from the Plaque Monster!

Reach Games
Choose from the 3 games to play - requires shockwave.

Plague Attack
Shockwave game. Click on the things to shoot the plague.

ADA Dudley Movies
Watch some slide shows here

Letter to the Tooth Fairy
Customized letter from SearsPortrait.


Oral B : Tooth Tales
Illustrated story for kids

Landie And The Loose Tooth

The story of Super Tooth

Frogwart and the toothfairies

Smiles Songbook
Songs and rhymes about teeth

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