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Original cliparts by Maggie LLI. They are free for use on non-commercial pages only. They are not for your clipart collections. If you use them, it would be nice if you could link back to :

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All About Frogs


False-eyed frog showing its back to which looks like an owl to scare away predators

Frog standing in black outline

Glass Frog in black outline
Picture of Glass Frog

Malaysian Leaf frog - master of camouflage
Picture of a Malaysian/Asian Leaf frog

Strawberry Poison-Dart
Picture and description of Strawberry Poison-Dart Frog

Poison Arrow Frog 2
My 9 year old son drew this picture for me.

Toad puffing up to look bigger to scare predators away


The Froggy Page
Lots of cliparts and pictures

Red-Eyed Tree Frog
Print out to color

Fire-bellied toad
Print out to color

Berry Climber
Print out to color

Tree Frog
Print out to color

Animated GIF Archive : Frogs

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