Difference Between Frogs and Toads

Frogs vs Toad Table

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Do you know that toads are actually frogs? They do have some differences but they are from the frog family.

smooth, moist skin rough, drier skin
no warts on body have warts on body
narrower body and waist broader, flatter body
live near or in water live on land, breed in water only
longer hind legs for hopping
webbed hind feet for swimming
shorter hind legs, walks rather than hop
eggs are in massive lump of cloudy jelly eggs are long and stringy, wrapped around water plants
eats snails, insects, worms, spiders and small fish eats slugs, worms, insects, grubs and small invertebrates
have many predators that want to eat them, but beware, the brightly colored ones are very poisonous predators don't like to eat them because their skins let out some kind of bitter taste and smell

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