Poisonous Frogs

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The frogs have many predators. The avoid ending us as lunch or dinner, some frogs secret a very poisonous substance. They have very brightly coloured bodies to warn their enemies that they are dangerous to eat, They come in vivid orange, blue, green, red, yellow and sometimes a mixture of two colors like yelow and black. Their poison can kill animals and human. The Native Americans used to use the poison from these frogs on the tips of their arrows, hence the name "Poison Arrow" or "Poison Dart" frogs. The colors on these poisonous frogs are not just to tell their enemies to back off but also to attract mates.

The toads also secret venom on their skins. The venom has bitter taste and a foul smell to deter their enemies from eating them. or snake.

Are All Frogs Poisonous?

Not all frogs are poisonous. The brightly colored ones are very poisonous. Their colors are a warning sign, telling you to stay away. They are usually found in tropical countries.

Are Frogs Poisonous To Dogs?

Only the ones that are poisonous are dangerous to dogs and other pets. If your dog did come in contact with the poisonous ones, they need to be treated as fast as possible. The will become extremely ill very fast and will probably die. The venom will destroy their internal organs like the kidney and liver. It is unfortunate that this happens to many dogs as they love to chase and play with frogs and toads. It is important to keep your dogs away from playing or eating one.

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