Halloween for Kids and Teachers


The Activity Cupboard : Halloween Activities
Ideas for earlychildhood

Addie's Pumpkin Potpourri
A collection of pumpkin-themed activities to keep little hands learning in October

Haunted House Writing Center
Halloween writing prompts.

Scary Starters
Writing Activity Ideas

Creative Writing: Halloween Theme - 2nd grade
The students will become more acquainted with the Book-making unit by listening to a book about 'authors' (Knowledge). The students will identify practice incorporating the different aspects of a story (character, setting, plot, etc...) into their own seasonal story after reviewing these aspects(Knowledge). The students will practice their writing abilities and begin brainstorming for story topics (Application). The students will create the first story that will go into their books (Synthesis).

Halloween Story Planner
A printable planner for your halloween story.

Museums in the Classroom Pumpkin Project
Identify the 5 stages in the life cycle of a pumpkin (jack-o-lantern). Create a model showing the correct order of pumpkin life stages. Explain a pumpkin's life cycle to a partner, using their model. Worksheets too.

Cindy's Heartworks : Pumpkins
Lesson ideas, songs, crafts and more.

Cindy's Heartworks : Scarecrows
Lesson ideas, poems, crafts and more.

Cindy's Heartworks : Halloween
Lesson ideas, songs, crafts and more.

Pumpkin Exploration
An Elementary Activity

Pumpkin Farm : Teachers Module for Pumpkins/Halloween
Lots of activities here.

Pumpkin Homework Assignment: "Measure Your Pumpkin"
Social Studies Field Trips Parent letter

Mini-Unit Subtopic: Halloween (history) Grade Level: 1st-2nd Author: Jill Neitz
Have fun with so many different activities here. A good site.


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