Celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November

Wampanoag History
Relationship between the people there and the Pilgrims. History and more.
The Pilgrims' 1621 Thanksgiving
History of Thanksgiving, covers food involved too
Common Mayflower Myths
Girls on the Mayflower
What part did they play ?
Pilgrims Clothings
Description and pictures
Plymouth : Its History and Its People
Detailed information about the first European settlement and more. Good site.
Thanksgiving Traditions : Presidential Pardon
Each year the President of the United States pardons a turkey before Thanksgiving at a White House ceremony
Thanksgiving Traditions
Find out more here.
Native American Indians for kids and teachers
Links to other resources
The Ship - Mayflower
Study the parts of this ship
The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth
History of the Mayflower
A very good and accurate site. 5/5
Scholastic : The First Thanksgiving
Another very site. Lovely graphics. 5/5
The year we had two Thanksgiving
Find out why here.
The Pilgrim Society and Pilgrim Hall Museum
An outstanding collections of 17th century artifacts and history paintings
Harvest Festivals Around the World
Find out how the Harvest Festival is celebrated in other countries.

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